Student Commits Suicide After Flunking Elective Course

Sarah Imoleayo, a Department of Library Science student in Bayero University Kano killed herself recently, leaving behind a sad suicide note.

The young woman who hails from Edo State wrote a note saying,
“I will not apply for course suspension my academics is all I live for. If I can’t get it right, fuck existence.”
It is said that the deceased had gone to the faculty office to see if anything could be done about her case, but she found out that it was too late to make amends. She left the office and descended to the stairs where she left her bag and wrote the suicide note.
She then took herself out using Sniper insecticide leaving her mobile phone, charger, suicide note, her bag and the insecticide container under the staircase.
She was rushed to the hospital where she died.

Jefferson Obuseri

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