Indian Farmer Lets Cobras Bite His Tongue Because Venom Gets Him HIGH

Most of us would flee in panic if a cobra came anywhere near us. But one man in India, known as the ‘poison man’, allows a cobra to bite his tongue as part of a bizarre ritual.

Farmer Ram Rakha, 68, claims the snake injects a shot of poison when it bites him and gives him a quick high leaving him almost unconscious for a few seconds.

Alarming footage shows the farmer applying the snake to his tongue before he appears to lose consciousness and blood drips from his mouth.

But Rakha likes the experience. He said: ‘I feel no pain. I am not scared at all. I bleed for a few seconds and I’m a bit drowsy but then I’m fine. I enjoy doing this.

'It’s given me status in the area. I believe I’m blessed by God and I can take the poison without any affects.’ 

Rakha has been performing his stunt for over a decade in Surili village, in Rajasthan, northern India.

Jefferson Obuseri

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