IT worker in Indonesia arrested for allegedly streaming porn on billboard

An IT worker in Indonesia, 24-year-old Samudera Al Hakam Ralia, was arrested after he hacked into a local billboard and streamed a porno movie on Friday before authorities managed to cut off electricity to the sign. Jakarta Police Chief Muhammad Iriawan said Wednesday that Ralia admitted to hacking the IT system of the billboard operator but claims that he didn't intend to live stream porn.

Twitter in social media-mad Indonesia was set alight by the incident, which occurred not long after Friday prayers last week in the Muslim-majority country.

The BBC reported that access to pornographic websites are blocked in the Muslim-majority country.

According to Iriawan, Samudera, he didn’t realize a pornographic website he accessed after breaking into the computer system was uploaded to the billboard.

Ralia has been arrested while the police investigate to see if he had other accomplices.

Source: AP

Jefferson Obuseri

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