Oxbridge Freshers To Get Classes In Sexual Consent That Teach Them How Not To Rape Fellow Undergrads

Freshers at Oxford and Cambridge universities are being put in classes telling them not to rape.

Each first year has to attend a controversial 'consent class' during Freshers' Week in October, which teaches
students not to sexually assault others.

Classes at Oxford University are compulsory - with the same workshops at Cambridge being run on an opt-out basis.

Rugby players at Oxford University will also be made to attend anti-misogyny workshops later in the year to stamp out 'lad culture' among players.

The initiative has been branded too little too late by some, with one student saying: 'I've never been to a consent class and I've still managed never to have sexually assaulted anyone.'

But Orla White - Vice President for Women at Oxford University, has defended the classes, saying the discussions 'break taboos'.

Jefferson Obuseri

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