Samson Siasia Finally Given His Outstanding Salary

Former Nigerian football coach Samson Siasia has finally been paid 5 months’ salary being owed him by the Nigerian Football Federation.

Siasia, who lead the Flying Eagles to bronze at the 2016 Olympics, had threatened to disrupt preparations for the 2018 World Cup if he wasn’t paid.
“I have given them a two-week ultimatum to pay me or I will sit inside the NFF office in Abuja until I get paid,” he told the BBC in September.
“The national team is preparing for a World Cup qualifier and to be honest my unhealthy distractions are the last thing they need right now.
“I’ve made it clear in my letter that my assistants and I should be paid the backlog owed because it’s inhuman.
“As head of our families we sacrificed everything for the country but the NFF refused to pay us – it’s not only heartless but wicked.”
All is now well between both parties, as Siasia confirmed to Goal, saying “Yea, I have gotten my salaries, thank you.”

Jefferson Obuseri

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