Tite Thought Resurrecting Brazil Would Be Hard

Brazil coach Tite has admitted he thought his job of transforming the Selecao would have been much harder.

Since taking over the Selecao from Dunga in June, he has led them to six consecutive victories on the road to Russia World Cup 2018.
And the Former Corinthians boss reveals the performances and the results have exceeded all expectations he had for his first six months in the job.
“I thought it would be more complicated, with less [positive] results,” Tite told Reuters.
“I didn’t imagine that we’d have these numbers and, even better than the numbers, such form. We have kept up a high standard of performance. That’s significant.”
With six matches to go, Brazil are just one match away from the total points needed to qualify for the world cup.
“An expression that sums it up well is turning the page,” Tite said.
“We are building a new moment for the national team. It’s a moment in which we are qualifying, consolidating the team, with a football that is efficient and pretty and that needs to be consolidated.
“We’re well on our way to qualification, there’s not far to go.”

Jefferson Obuseri

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