Marriage is all about give and take and working to please each other. Women are natural givers but husbands also need to step their game up and please their wife to.
When it comes to pleasing your wife, it may take some work and a lot of skill but it will be worth it for the husbands. Here are three awesome benefits of giving your wife org.asms:

1. She is under your control

Your wife maybe loud mouth, sassy or forming doesn’t need you like that but when you please her, she is at your mercy.
She will be weak and fragile and begging you not to stop. Men like to feel wanted and at that point, your wife will want you like her life depends on it.

2. You get to give her a supernatural experience

When your wife’s eyes roll back and she is speaking in gibberish and convulsing, is that not a kind of possession? It should you have given her so much pleasure, her body is struggling to contain it and enjoying each ripple of orgasm that you give her.
You are doing her body a service and that should bring you happiness.

3. You can get her to call you anything you want

Some men like to be called daddy or some other se.xy name and what other place is best if not in the bedroom? She will call you any name you want just so you keep pleasing her and you get to feel like the man because you are 

Jefferson Obuseri

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