Dad Tied Down And Left Covered In Bed Sores At Barbados Hospital After Dream Cruise Turned Into Holiday From Hell

A dad-of-two was tied down and restrained in a "dirty" Caribbean hospital that his wife claims was like a "prison".

David Ramsey, 48, collapsed on holiday in Barbados and was left fighting for his life.

He was strapped into a hospital bed for three days and developed painful sores on his hand, foot and back.

And, to add insult to injury, the couple have been hit with a £19,000 medical bill for his David's treatment.

In total he spent 10 days in hospital, which his wife Liz claims was “dirty” and “looked like something from the 1920s”.

She said David was strapped to the bed to stop him from falling out, causing the sores on different parts of his body.

Liz, 51, of Blyth, Northumberland, said: “I was absolutely terrified seeing David get worse and worse. It was like he was in a prison.

“The beds were all dirty and the hospital looked run down. It was just filthy. I’ve never been so scared.”

The couple headed for the Caribbean Islands on November 4 last year, having saved for more than 18 months to go on holiday.

But as their trip was drawing to a close, David started to feel light headed and collapsed.

He was treated by medics on the ship before he was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Bricklayer David was immediately rushed to intensive care after doctors discovered he was suffering from double pneumonia.

Liz said: “It was then the doctors come out and told me that my husband was going to die and to get any family members over.

“It was horrible as I was on my own. Three days later they said they were going to try and take him off the ventilation.

“They said that if he didn’t start breathing on his own then they were going to have to let him go.”

After a couple of days, David showed signs of recovery and was transferred to another ward at the hospital.

Liz said: “The nurses tied him to the bed for three days with bandages because they said he was at risk of falling out.

“He then started getting cuts on his hand and the nurse said he was allergic to the plasters but that never happens in England.

“He was covered in bed sores and I was seeing him get worse. The level of care at the hospital was disgusting.”

After spending 10 days in hospital, David was released on November 30 and flew back to the UK four days later.

However, he is currently receiving treatment and physiotherapy at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary up to three times a week to treat his injuries.

Jefferson Obuseri

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