SA Paedophile, Warren Troy Knoop handed 32 life sentences, 170 years in prison

South African sex predator, Warren Troy Knoop on Monday, February 13, 2017, was handed 32 life sentences and 170 years in prison. Warren, a car salesman from East Rand who was arrested after officials found pornographic material, which he shared online, pleaded guilty to 870 charges of rape and possession of child pornography.

One of his victims was a child born in 2011. The child was only two-years-old when Knoop began to molest her.
Speaking after the court sentence, Miranda Friedmann, a spokesperson for Women and Men Against Child Abuse, said she was pleased with the sentence and believes it will serve as an example for other perpetrators.

'I think the judge has certainly sent out a very strong message. We don't only have the 32 life sentences that he' s handed down, but the 179 years, which involve the manufacturing and distribution of child porn, which has not been seriously seen in our country. It has been seen as a victimless crime.' she said.

Source: Times Live

Jefferson Obuseri

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