Adele Almost Falls Off Stage As She Trips Over Her Dress

Adele narrowly averted an on-stage crisis during the Australian leg of her tour on Saturday night - after tripping over a massive train attached to the back of her dress.

The singer almost fell over mid-performance of her hit Hello, but blamed it all on being overexcited about the live action remake of Beauty And The Beast which is out later this month.

Addressing the audience at The Gabba, she said: “After you did your singalong to the Hello chorus, I nearly tripped up those stairs.

“Did you see me? Oh my god. I’ve never worn a dress like this. I’m basically celebrating Beauty and The Beast coming out.

“But I forgot to lift it up and I tried to run up and I nearly fell over. I’m sure you heard my dodgy note afterwards. I f*****g s**t myself.”

Jefferson Obuseri

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