Bernardo Silva ‘Would Love To Have’ Kylian Mbappe At Man City

Bernardo Silva has expressed a wish to see Kylian Mbappe join him at Manchester City.
Silva moved to the Etihad for £43m in May and the 22-year-old midfielder wants teenager Mbappe to follow him to Manchester from Monaco.

He said: “Mbappe is a great player. I would love to have him here. That is for City to decide, but you never know.
“Mbappe can be a superstar. In fact, I think he is already a little bit of a superstar. He can be one of the best in the world very soon.”
Silva was speaking before Mbappe on Saturday made an appearance at a sponsor event in Manchester
Silva was Pep Guardiola’s first signing of the season when he agreed a £43 million move from the French champions. Mendy has also made the same move and Silva was delighted to see the defender join him in Manchester.
“I am a big friend of Benjamin. When I met him last year it was a big surprise because Mendy is a great guy, but he is a little crazy,” Silva said.
“It is great to have him alongside me in Manchester. It was great to play alongside him last season and I hope that we can achieve a lot of things together.
“Honestly, when I signed for City I spoke to him about coming as well. I said: ‘Come on Mendy, come with me’ because he is a great player and he can really help this team.”

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