Liverpool Offer £50 Voucher For Fans Who Bought Philippe Coutinho Shirts

The first thing Liverpool have decided to do after pocketing £142 million from selling Philippe Coutinho is put a little money back in the pockets of some fans.

In the wake of Philippe Coutinho’s departure to Barcelona on Saturday, his former club said they would offer a £50 voucher to those who invested in this season’s shirt with the Brazilians’s name and number on the back.
A Liverpool statement said: “The offer — which applies to all shirts purchased in official club outlets and via the official LFC website — follows today’s announcement that Coutinho will join FC Barcelona and reflects the exceptional circumstances behind the player’s departure.”
At £50 a pop, Liverpool would need to accept 2,840,000 shirts to equal their windfall from the Coutinho sale.
The voucher will be enough to buy a new Liverpool shirt without a name and number on the back, which only seems appropriate.

Jefferson Obuseri

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