Man Throws Wife & Daughter Out In Lagos, Says She Can't Bore Me A Son [Photos]

A man has sent his wife and his 10-year old daughter out f his house, saying it's her fault that she has been unable to bore him a son and brought in a new wife. According to the woman, he sent them out in the middle of the night and she has been sleeping in front of a bank at Anthony bus stop. She wants to relocate back to her state, Imo State but presently have no money or even a place to live in Imo State.

Prince Gwamnishu Harrison, a Facebook user who found them narrates the story...


Arrived Lagos State this morning at 2:07am and surprise to see a woman and her 10yr old daughter sleeping in front of a Bank.

I observed them from afar, came closer to avoid waking a mad woman. I woke them up and ask to know why they were sleeping in such a place.

she opened up and told me she has been sleeping there for two nights.


“Trouble started when my husband brought in a new wife because i couldn’t have a male child. Last week Saturday at about 1:00am, he woke me and my Daughter (Amara), told us to leave his house in presence of his new wife. I didn’t utter any word, no fight, he helped me parked my things out and that of my daughter. My luggage was much so I left some at the Security Post. I had nowhere to go at that ungodly hour except traveling back to Imo State but have no transport and even where to stay in Imo State”. (Story Cut)

Her story touched my inner heart and gave out few Naira for her to transport herself back home. I would have love to see her husband but am not a marriage counselor.

Lagosians, her new home is Anthony Bus-Stop. Can we lift her burden?

Jefferson Obuseri

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